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Served with Tapatio dipping sauce.

Dogsticks Three mini all-beef Hebrew National hot dogs fried in our sweet white corn batter. Funyun Chicharrones Hot and crackling pork rinds, tossed in our funyun seasoning blend. Served with buttermilk ranch. Salad Experiments.

Topped with fresh shaved Parmesan cheese and house made garlic rosemary croutons. Chop Chop Ribbon cut romaine, chicken, bacon, blue cheese crumbles, tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs tossed in buttermilk ranch. Build your Own! Choose Your Patty.

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Premium Sides. Shakes Hand Spun with Snoqualmie ice cream. All Natural Shakes Small 12oz Large 16oz. Spike Your Shake! Boozie Shakes Or keep it virgin.

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Caramel Macchiato Vanilla ice cream, chocolate ganache, caramel sauce, coffee, with a test tube spike of caramel vodka, Irish Cream and Kahlua. Lunchbox Cocktails Hey! Drink responsibly.

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Shaken, served with a Kool-Aid sugar rim. Tang-O-Rita Tequila, triple sec, fresh muddled limes, Tang and fresh squeezed margarita mix. The Mule Vodka, ginger beer and a splash of lime in a copper mule mug. Rainier Tall Boy 16oz Can 4.

Beverages non-alcoholic. Tots Poutine Tots, Wisconsin cheese curds, beef gravy, herbs. Chili Lime Shishito Peppers Fried shishito peppers, fresh lime, ancho chile rub, herb yogurt. Smokin' Cheesy Broccoli Smoked pepper rub, seared broccoli, cheesy sauce, garlic pepper chip crumble. When we expanded our footprint it was a no-brainer to offer this new service to our valued customers.

Along with the large private dining space comes a wet bar for available personal service from our friendly staff.

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Yes, TVs as well in case there's a game on that dad really doesn't want to miss. Reserve Now. Louis County residents and the hard work of our amazing employees. Whether you want to enjoy a nice cozy dinner, a private banquet or join all our regular fans to cheer on our St. Louis Cardinals or Blues, we have you covered.

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Full catering is available, from large events to grab and go box lunches for office lunches and the like. Tried and true… the family jewel of our menu, the Dulany Burger has a well earned reputation for never failing to please. If you have then we thank you. Fantastic Food. We're honored by our reputation for offering the some of the best food in South County.

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