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Jon Recknell October 25, Dean Foster October 17, Matt Back October 14, Car Care Detailing. Jon Recknell October 14, Detailing Machine Polishing. Understanding Modern Automotive Paintwork. Matt Back October 8, Machine Polishing.

Star Certified Smog Check $29.75 + with One Free Retest within 30 days

Jon Recknell September 27, Nanotechnology Coatings. Matt Back August 15, Gloss Enhancement. If you choose to ignore your vehicle's exterior and interior surfaces, it quickly adds years to the actual age of your car.

To prevent this aging, let us regularly detail your vehicle with quality products on a regular basis for the life of your vehicle. We all love our cars.

And perhaps our proudest moment is when the car is new and looks its best. A car, however, is not like a painting which serves its purpose in a controlled and safe environment. It is subjected to all sorts of abuses including the sun, dirt, and smog, all of which can affect the best automobile.

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But you can keep your car in new condition just like a painting protected in a museum. This Auto Detailing web site will show you how. Avoid scratches like the plague We start with scratches. Because they are the biggest enemy to your car's finish. And avoiding scratches is the secret to keeping your car looking good.

Indeed, the song has been taken to everyone's hearts with such affection that it is now known as our school anthem.

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We decided on an impromptu performance of it Our choir provided a performance of a medley of their favourite spiritual songs during our Musical Assembly. They sound beautiful! Have a listen.

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Here they are sharing some of their musical learning during our Musical Assembly on Friday 30th June. Our Year 3 class has been learning the recorder this year with their music teacher, Mr Crinson. Here they are performing in our Musical Assembly on 30th June.

Now you can re-live their performance at home.